Say Goodbye to Your Boring Flooring

Choose our commercial floor cleaning services Moundville & Tuscaloosa, AL

There are so many reasons to get your floors professionally cleaned. Not only can it make your office feel more presentable, but it can also prevent accidents at your company.

At Comprehensive Cleaning Solutions, we specialize in vinyl composition tile (VCT) and concrete cleaning services that make your space look great. From staining your concrete flooring to refurbishing your VCT flooring, we will remove stubborn dirt and stains from your commercial flooring.


Comprehensive Cleaning Solutions is one of the leading concrete and VCT floor cleaning companies in Tuscaloosa and Moundville, AL. With almost two decades of cleaning, polishing and staining experience, we can revive your dingy flooring and give your building a quick face-lift.
Our eco-friendly cleaning services guarantee a fresh-looking floor, no matter how old or deep your stain is.

Don't hesitate to give us a call. Our professional technicians can renew the look of your office in no time!

Are your floors ruining the look of your office?

We've been providing landscaping and irrigation services since 1999. You can feel comfortable hiring us to take care of your yard because:


we'll clear away all loose dirt to ensure a thorough clean


using Ecolab products, we scrub and polish your floors


we'll stain and polish off your flooring for a long-lasting shine

Contact us today to learn how our concrete and VCT cleaning services can revamp the look of your Tuscaloosa or Moundville, AL business.