Add Shine to Your Flooring

Hire Comprehensive Cleaning Solutions to polish your floors in Moundville or Tuscaloosa, AL

Dingy, lackluster flooring can affect the way your customers see your business. Comprehensive Cleaning Solutions can help maintain the appearance of your office building with complete floor cleaning services.

Specializing in vinyl composition tile (VCT) and concrete polishing solutions, we can lift away stubborn stains and give your flooring a fresh look. We use Ecolab cleaning products to polish and seal your VCT or concrete flooring and to ensure a long-lasting finish.

Contact us from Tuscaloosa or Moundville, AL to schedule our full-service commercial floor cleaning.

We won't miss a spot

We won't miss a spot

Concrete is one of the most durable flooring options for industrial businesses. But it doesn't offer a lot when it comes to style. Staining your concrete flooring will drastically improve its look. Comprehensive Cleaning Solutions will clean, stain, polish and seal your concrete flooring to protect its color and prevent further wear and tear.

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